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About Us & Our Oral Historians

About Us

Who Are We ?

We are a group of enthusiastic oral and personal history historians with a passion for telling the stories of the lives of ordinary people, which are always extraordinary. It is important for younger generations to understand where they came from, how they got there, and the challenges that their parents and ancestors faced. Every life is remarkable, and we don’t want those stories forgotten.

Recordalife was established by Mike Tapia, who over the years has researched and read many remarkable stories. A member of the British Oral History Society, he has been particularly inspired by the works of American author, radio presenter, and social and oral history advocate Studs Terkel. As Mike says: “Studs Terkel brought the stories of ordinary people to life once again, showing these unique personalities. In my life I lost my mother when I was a child and saw the remarkable life my father had as an exile from fascism in Europe and bringing up his children on his own. I never got my mother’s story in her own words, but I was determined to get that of my father. Since then, I have come across many amazing people, from all walks of life, who have fascinating and compelling personal histories and stories to tell. I also wanted to capture the essence of their character through their voice as well as printing their words. And for those stories to never be forgotten by their loved ones and future generations. So Recordalife was born.”


Our People

It is vital for us to provide you with a relaxed and comfortable environment for telling your story and the main interview. Our team are enthusiasts and professionals and aim to keep you at ease, let you be yourself, be empathetic and understand your culture and background, and for you to have an enjoyable experience from first words to reading your own words in your book and listening to your CD.

Jane Leigh

Jane is an established and widely published journalist and writer covering personal and local stories. She recently interviewed all new MPs in her region. Jane also plays a mean game of table tennis (and is an established coach) and has a wide range of interests including keeping chickens, film and science.


Jane the Life Recorder

Valeria Morley

Val is an English and Italian bilingual teacher, writer,  translator and editor who has converted her passion for words and language into a career. When not in the world of text and literature she can be found walking her lurcher, Barry, on the Sussex Downs or exploring the four corners of the globe.


Recordalife Valeria

Olivia Cockburn

Olivia manages our foreign language and translation service. With a BA Hons First Degree in Spanish, Latin and Portuguese, Olivia then headed to Spain for her postgraduate training. She completed a Masters Degree in Latin and Spanish Linguistics before moving on to a PhD in Bilingualism and Translation. Olivia is a Chartered Linguist and full member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.


Olivia Recordalife

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