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Announcement: Introducing Recordalove

We are pleased to announced the launch of Recordalove - Tell the Story of Your Love. Inspired by the feedback from our life stories and requests for joint gifts for couples for their anniversaries, Recordalove captures amazing love stories. Find out more on our Recordalove page.

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Tell Your Life Story

You and your loved ones have had some amazing experiences in life. You have stories to tell, experiences to relate, and advice to give. With Recordalife, you will capture your unique and remarkable life story. We interview using our unique and friendly experience and record your life story in audio and in a quality hardback book, so that your loved ones and future generations can not only read about you in your own words, but also actually hear your unique voice.

We are a group of oral historians specialising in the stories of everyone, for we are all a part of history and, in particular, of our family history. All of us have challenges we have met in life and the path we have taken, along with details about our elders and places we have lived. These memories should live on, and having your true story in one place for ever more is invaluable.

How We Record and Write Your Life Story

The oral history of a person’s life, covering their childhood, family, personal life, work, experience and their outlook on their life and history, captured forever.

Using years of oral and social history experience, we have developed a unique interview system to find out more about you and your experiences. This combines a mixture of detail you may want your family to know, such as about your grandparents, along with the development of your life and achievements. Our friendly and experienced 'Life Recorders' will interview you in an informal way and chat with you about your life story and family. We also offer this service in multiple languages so that people can speak in their natural and native tongue, with English translation included in the printed book and e-book.

Confidentiality is our highest priority and we guarantee that everything you say to us will be only for your use and consumption and all details will be kept confidential. The books and audio recordings will only be delivered to you or your delegated recipients and will not be published or distributed in any other way.

Recordalife life story book and CD

1. Welcome Pack & Getting Started

On placing your order you will receive a Welcome Pack which includes both a Welcome Guide telling you what to expect through the process, and a Gift Certificate which you can redeem at any time. It makes a wonderful gift! You will then be able to book your Recordalife Interview either online or by phone for a time that is convenient for you in the days, weeks or months ahead. We will then carefully select one of our experienced Life Recorders and allocate them to you. You will also be given a secure login so that you can upload photos, at your convenience, to be included in your Recordalife book.

2. Your Friendly Interview

Your Life Recorder will call you at the allotted time and interview you using our unique format in a relaxed and friendly manner. Each interview is approximately 60-80 minutes. If you order Recordalife Extra, there are two interviews. All conversations are kept confidential. We aim for all our interviews to be a highly pleasurable experience - people love telling the story of their lives, and we love listening to them.

3. Production & Approval

Your precious memories and story will be cast into your Recordalife Life Story Pack, providing a permanent record for your loved ones and future generations to cherish and keep. We will transcribe and expertly edit your interview and produce a high quality hardback book and e-book incorporating your words and the uploaded photographs. We will also produce a CD and MP3 download of the audio recording of your interview. We will layout, proofread and edit this professionally, email you a draft for approval and then print on high quality paper and media.

4. Delivery of Your Life Story Pack

Your Life Story Pack, containing the hardback book, CD and MP3 USB stick, will be delivered to you by tracked courier in an attractive box package as a wonderful gift or memento. Additional copies can be ordered for family and friends at any time. The e-books and audio recordings will also be made available through your secure login account. You will then have completed the recording of your life!

As experts in oral history services, we pride ourselves in our friendliness, our listening and interview techniques in exploring your past and experiences, and in our professionalism; and in the final products that you will receive. Ultimately, we are enthusiasts in enabling people to share their life experiences, tell their stories, and in providing a treasured record that captures, not just the words, but the voice behind that unique story.

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"I can't believe the quality of the book and CD, they are really professional. It's amazing to see someone's life captured in such a way”


"It sounded like a great idea when I heard about it, and now I've seen the results, I can say it is indeed a great idea!"


"I found Recordalife amazing - it's simply fascinating to hear the voice of someone you love and read their words about their life and memories."

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